The crazy quilt journey

A few weeks ago the quilting bug bit. I have been trying to ignore it, telling myself I didn’t enjoy doing patchwork when I made a block or two years ago. Friends at work at making one of the Elm Creek quilts, or are busy with the blocks. Totally their fault!!!!! And I’ve read all the books

I am after all busy with a huge cross-stitch project. I don’t have time to make a quilt. One night when I couldn’t sleep I ordered the book. For days I have been looking at it, thinking which blocks will be easy for a beginner, and just for a read…….

Two days ago I stopped at the fabric shop. Just to look. And bought a selection of fabrics 😦 Of course I have no idea about what colours to use, or how to choose the colours. But I love blue

Materials for the planned quilt
Book with the blocks

And I have made a quilt years and years ago, all hand stitched. Took me a year and lots of burnt meals to complete.

Candle-wick quilt

So here I am, a total beginner. I actually don’t really know anything about patch work. Google is going to be my friend, YouTube my teacher

Last night I started wondering whether I should pre-wash the material. I always wash before I do smocking. But do I want to lose the crispiness of the fabric? I googled it ;do I have to prewash fabric before making a quilt’……..and realised there are three types of quilters:

  • pre-wash
  • don’t pre-wash
  • sometimes yes/sometimes no

Therefore I still don’t really know and will do a bit more research. I am planning to start this project during the Easter holidays. This is going to be an exciting journey…….or not at all. I might make a cushion or a bag or something, but my goal is a quilt for the single bed in the spare bedroom.