Easter Monday, my body still not adjusted to daylight savings when the clocks were turned back one hour, and I woke up early. Today I was planning to cut the first blocks and I was very hesitant to get out of bed – a bit nervous of what was waiting for me. I ironed the fabric a few days ago and I unpacked the rotary tool and cutting board.

Knowing full well it cannot be delayed any longer I got up. I couldn’t think of a single reason not to, I also could not think of a single reason why I decided I wanted to make a patchwork quilt 😦

So I started…..very nervous and not 100% sure how and what and where. I have never used a rotary cutter before. I have never even used a cutting board before. A few days ago I calculated how many blocks of each colour and each size I needed for the first blocks. This made it actually much easier in the end.

Ready to cut

It took me a few hours, but I have cut everything I need for 12 blocks! I added the bits and pieces for each block in a little bag, with the number of the block

12 blocks ready to go

The correct foot for my sewing machine arrived, I have bought the sewing thread. It will only be possible to start sewing next week as I am off to Sydney for a few days. But I think the worst is over – I have made the first cut!


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