Preparing for the second term at school

I couldn’t do any patchwork or prepping blocks this weekend as it is the last weekend before school reopens again on Monday. I cannot believe it is the end of the holidays 😦

Yesterday I cleaned the house, tidied everything in the sewing room (and everywhere else – it seems as if fabric took over my house). Today I had the slow cooker going, cooking meals to freeze for those days when I am too tired after school to prepare a meal. And it is always good to have casseroles in the freezer for the cold days. It was already much colder yesterday and today, with snow in the South Island and even some in the North Island. It is going to be a cold winter.

I won’t be able to do needlework for a while and will focus on the cross-stitch Afghan blanket I am working on. I have decided not to fringe it when finished, but rather give it a backing, using soft fleece. This will make the blanket much warmer and it will be used more

The Monarch butterflies are also still active, there are still about 5 chrysalis hanging around

Monarch butterfly

One thought on “Preparing for the second term at school”

  1. Good luck with your quilting adventures! I’m impressed with how organised you are when cutting out your blocks, etc, it must make it a lot easier when it comes to sewing them all together πŸ™‚ Look forward to seeing the progress reports and photos in future posts! πŸ™‚

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