Oh no!

On the needlework side of things not much is happening. At school I am busy developing an online course for our junior students and it seems as if I am using all my creativity there. When I come home in the afternoon I just want to sit and eat chocolate for the rest of the day. I am working on the cross-stitch baby Afghan blanket when I have some energy – and it really helps me to switch-off and not think about school and how much work I have there. But I am planning to cut the pieces for the next 12 blocks over the weekend. Not sure why I keep on working in 12’s, seems to be the way I am thinking, but there is no reason at all

I have been a member of a Quilt group on FB, a silent member observing and reading and admiring all the beautiful quilts everyone is making. And then an event on the page – they are all going to start working on a specific quilt in May. Not to share the blocks, just sharing the progress and support. Why am I so tempted to join? They plan to only make a couple of blocks a week. It feels to me as if it could be a brilliant way to learn more about piecing. Yes, I am making this Elm Creek quilt, but I am making mistakes. Work with experienced quilters will be wonderful. So……….I have been thinking about colours and also ordered the book. But I haven’t committed yet 🙂 It is The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt. Very similar to the Elm Creek Quilt. And I thought I could maybe make it for one of my children, maybe my daughter who lives in Canada and in the process of getting a new house. We’ll see!


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