Really angry with myself

It is long weekend here in New Zealand. I planned to just relax and do nothing else. This morning I cut the pieces for 12 more blocks, which I am really happy about. Although in the process I ignored the bacon on the stove and it burnt to an unrecognisable black mess. And my house smells, everything smells and I am burning candles and sprayed air refresher about a dozen times already 😦

And then, to make matters worse, I opened the junk mail and the fabric shop were selling fat quarters – 10 for $20!!!!!! I am looking at making the Farmer’s Wife quilt in the near future, but I wasn’t planning to buy the fabric yet. But at that price I couldn’t really give it a miss either, could I?

Funny thing……I was in the shop looking through the quarters, trying to make up my mind. Everytime someone walked pass me I thought I could smell smoke. By then I have totally forgotten that I cremated breakfast and it was only when I went to the car that I realised I am the one smelling – the smoke smell is in my hair 😦 😦

Anyways, I have bought the quarters for the next quilt now. I couldn’t make up my mind until I saw the stripy bit…….from then on I went crazy!

Framer’s Wife quilt fabric

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