A very grey, windy day here in Wellington. The rain is not far away. It is a long weekend and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow – it will hopefully a day full of sewing. I am still struggling to get the smell of smoke out of my house. I just turned the Scentsy on with some new wax, it will be a test to see how good it really is

When I grew up my mother made all our clothes. She was always busy, never sat down relaxing without knitting or some kind of needlework. Mum taught me how to smock. My daughter always had smocked dresses. But on Sundays mum read, she didn’t do any needlework at all. Whenever I even think of sewing on a Sunday I can see mum’s face in front of me and I simply feel too guilty! Therefore I don’t do any sewing on Sundays either. Which is very tempting today as I have 12 blocks ready to sew 🙂 I am still very organised, as I have been since I decided to make my first quilt. Work out the sizes I need, cut pieces for 12 blocks, sew. Not sure why 12 blocks got stuck in my head and why 12, but this is the third set of 12 ready to sew

Bags ready
Pieces cut for more blocks

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