Not a good weekend

After some stressful time at school I wanted a sewing weekend. Prepped blocks during the week, ready to sew. But I am not sure what went wrong, but it seems as if I didn’t measure all the pieces properly, and without noticing it I made six blocks which cannot be used – unless I unpick and redo/recut some pieces again. Not sure if it is worth the effort, I don’t like to waste, but it might be simpler to start fresh with these blocks. Luckily the rest I made turned out fine.


I don’t sew Sundays, so I had a relaxing day – sleeping in, reading, baking cupcakes. After baking the cupcakes the news broadcaster said it was going to be junk-free June, which means no junk food during June. I suppose that means the cupcakes without icing will go straight to the freezer 🙂



It is a beautiful, but cold, day here in Wellington. I have some time on my hands and decided to cut pieces for more blocks. Well, I tried………but Bella decided it is not happening. Every time I touch the fabric she bites my hand

As if……..
I am sitting here
Are you sure?

Gut feeling

Lessons learnt today:

  • DO NOT sew blocks when you are tired
  • trust your gut feeling, even when sewing blocks

I prepped blocks yesterday, ready to sew today after school. Came home tired, still decided to go ahead and work on the patchwork quilt. Sewing the blocks I told myself something is wrong – but I ignored the feeling and kept on sewing, evening ironing in between. And before sewing the final blocks together I knew I couldn’t ‘fix’ the mistake I made when I started and had to unpick. After taking much longer I eventually finished the first two blocks. And yes, they look good.

Sewing the next blocks and again my gut feeling said – ‘measure before you cut’!!!!!! I didn’t and now I have 16 miniature little blocks instead of 8 bigger ones. Yes, I messed up two blocks 😦

Too many too small

Hopefully I will remember this lesson and never cut again without thinking twice. But what a waste of time. I think I can rescue the situation by using 9 small blocks to make one which will be the correct size. Will try tomorrow

Too small 😦
New design?

The Farmer’s Wife quilt

When I started with this blog in March, as well as the Elm Creek quilt, I didn’t realise it is going to be very addictive. I also couldn’t understand why quilters were always busy with more than one project (or it did seem to me as if they were). But now, not even three month later, I started with another quilt 😦

A group on FB started the BOM club, where we make one block a month. I made the 9 patch block (I posted a photo in the previous post). The same FB group also started a quilt-along ‘The Farmer’s Wife quilt’ and I decided to work with them.

Farmer’s Wife sampler quilt

Originally I thought to use the browns and beiges, but ended up using the fabric for the BOM club instead. For the Farmer’s Wife Quilt I bought a selection of black and white fabric. And today I made two of the first four blocks in the book.

First four black and white blocks

Yes, two of each block – I have two sons and decided to make a quilt for each of them. In the one quilt I plan to incorporate a few blocks with teal; and in the second quilt I plan to incorporate some red, with the black and white. That way the two boys will have similar, but different quilts. I am not sure how big, it might end up as two smaller ‘cuddle-up’ quilts. Or it might end up as one big quilt! I thought making two sounds fair, as my daughter already claimed the unfinished Elm Creek quilt.

So yes, a few moths later and I actually have quite a few projects going, as well as the cross-stitch baby blanket (which is nearly done) and three little dresses I am planning to smock 🙂

In the same FB group a member suggested using starch because the little pieces are so small and it will make it easier to sew together accurately. She gave her recipe and I made some

1 Tablespoon corn flour/starch, 1 cup water. Mix well, pour into a spray bottle and spray a little bit on the fabric before ironing and cutting. Use only a little bit at a time!


BOM club

Nothing new to add about the quilt-in-progress, except that I made two blocks again. I wasn’t very happy with them and decided it bothered me enough to make those again. That actually feels good 🙂 To get more practice with patchwork quilts I joined a BOM group. The block for this month is a simple 9-patch. Simple? Did I say simple? I unpicked it THREE times!!!!!!! I couldn’t get the seams to match. How frustrating to struggle so much with an easy block. But it is finished now and I can relax until June when the next block must be done

May block for the BOM group – a 9-patch block

Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day today and I miss my children, they all live too far away to just drop in for Sunday lunch 😦 After treating myself with coffee in bed (that sounds a bit pathetic, but it is not – it was a good Nespresso) I felt lazy and read my book. But the fabric I bought for the next quilt I am planning was bothering me as I left it on top of the washing machine, to be pre-washed, since I brought it home. So I popped it in the washing machine and it is now drying in the sun. These colours are so unlike me – I tend to always choose blue! This is going to be interesting

Pre-washing the fabric for the next quilt


I have been so busy and made huge progress with the cross-stitch baby blanket and school, and haven’t had time to work on any more blocks. So after about 2 weeks since I last sewed blocks, I still have only 36 blocks. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it – although I am only about half-way I have been thinking about the finished quilt and how I want to join the blocks. Since I started I knew I wanted a neutral colour between the blocks. I decided to get more of the lighter fabric I have been using in the blocks and cut 2 1/2″ strips today, for the sashing. I sewed the sashing to the one side of each block and will use long strips to join the strips of blocks eventually. Although it is only on yet side of each block at the moment and not across as well, I packed it out and I like the effect.


I also baked some yum Nutella cookies – found this recipe on the internet but didn’t keep the link to acknowledge the ‘inventor’. But they are delicious

Nutella biscuits