I have been so busy and made huge progress with the cross-stitch baby blanket and school, and haven’t had time to work on any more blocks. So after about 2 weeks since I last sewed blocks, I still have only 36 blocks. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it – although I am only about half-way I have been thinking about the finished quilt and how I want to join the blocks. Since I started I knew I wanted a neutral colour between the blocks. I decided to get more of the lighter fabric I have been using in the blocks and cut 2 1/2″ strips today, for the sashing. I sewed the sashing to the one side of each block and will use long strips to join the strips of blocks eventually. Although it is only on yet side of each block at the moment and not across as well, I packed it out and I like the effect.


I also baked some yum Nutella cookies – found this recipe on the internet but didn’t keep the link to acknowledge the ‘inventor’. But they are delicious

Nutella biscuits

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