The Farmer’s Wife quilt

When I started with this blog in March, as well as the Elm Creek quilt, I didn’t realise it is going to be very addictive. I also couldn’t understand why quilters were always busy with more than one project (or it did seem to me as if they were). But now, not even three month later, I started with another quilt 😦

A group on FB started the BOM club, where we make one block a month. I made the 9 patch block (I posted a photo in the previous post). The same FB group also started a quilt-along ‘The Farmer’s Wife quilt’ and I decided to work with them.

Farmer’s Wife sampler quilt

Originally I thought to use the browns and beiges, but ended up using the fabric for the BOM club instead. For the Farmer’s Wife Quilt I bought a selection of black and white fabric. And today I made two of the first four blocks in the book.

First four black and white blocks

Yes, two of each block – I have two sons and decided to make a quilt for each of them. In the one quilt I plan to incorporate a few blocks with teal; and in the second quilt I plan to incorporate some red, with the black and white. That way the two boys will have similar, but different quilts. I am not sure how big, it might end up as two smaller ‘cuddle-up’ quilts. Or it might end up as one big quilt! I thought making two sounds fair, as my daughter already claimed the unfinished Elm Creek quilt.

So yes, a few moths later and I actually have quite a few projects going, as well as the cross-stitch baby blanket (which is nearly done) and three little dresses I am planning to smock 🙂

In the same FB group a member suggested using starch because the little pieces are so small and it will make it easier to sew together accurately. She gave her recipe and I made some

1 Tablespoon corn flour/starch, 1 cup water. Mix well, pour into a spray bottle and spray a little bit on the fabric before ironing and cutting. Use only a little bit at a time!


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