Gut feeling

Lessons learnt today:

  • DO NOT sew blocks when you are tired
  • trust your gut feeling, even when sewing blocks

I prepped blocks yesterday, ready to sew today after school. Came home tired, still decided to go ahead and work on the patchwork quilt. Sewing the blocks I told myself something is wrong – but I ignored the feeling and kept on sewing, evening ironing in between. And before sewing the final blocks together I knew I couldn’t ‘fix’ the mistake I made when I started and had to unpick. After taking much longer I eventually finished the first two blocks. And yes, they look good.

Sewing the next blocks and again my gut feeling said – ‘measure before you cut’!!!!!! I didn’t and now I have 16 miniature little blocks instead of 8 bigger ones. Yes, I messed up two blocks 😦

Too many too small

Hopefully I will remember this lesson and never cut again without thinking twice. But what a waste of time. I think I can rescue the situation by using 9 small blocks to make one which will be the correct size. Will try tomorrow

Too small 😦
New design?

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