What a weekend. Friday after work I prepped 10 blocks, and planned to sew Saturday – but no, my head had other ideas and what started as a headache became a full blown migraine. Luckily it was freezing cold Saturday, so I made myself comfortable on the couch and blobbed the whole day. The migraine is not gone yet, but much better today and I hope to be able to sleep it off tonight. So no sewing this weekend and no cleaning or cooking either. In two weeks to is school vacation for a couple of weeks and I will catch-up on all of this then, I simply refuse to stress about it at this stage

Bella enjoying her mum’s migraine

Lion feeding

We had a lovely, sunny winters day here in Wellington today….perfect to visit the zoo. Some months ago I bought a voucher for the lion encounter at the zoo. It was going to expire the end of June so I decided to book the encounter, instead of allowing it to expire. It was booked for today and I couldn’t believe how perfect the weather was

They took us ‘behind the scenes’ and explained how they train the lions to respond to a ticker and food, to allow them to check the lions and weigh them – basically just keeping an eye on their general well-being. We could then feed them too. Although it was through a fence it was an incredible experience. The lion decided to lick my hand after taking the meat, felt just like Bella (the cat’s) tongue, just bigger and sloppier 🙂

Feeding the lion
Licking my hand


Today’s lesson: pick up small pieces of fabric, as well as thread and pins and everything quilt-related. DO NOT vacuum it all up!!!!!! Yes, that is exactly what I did. It was not a good idea as the vacuum suddenly made this awful noise, even the cat ran away and she is normally not scared of anything

I cleaned the pipe out and then continued, but no sucking happened at all. Ended up taking the whole vacuum apart just to find this huge ‘plug’ of thread and fabric and cat hair. Now it is working like new again, but in future I will pick up that type of thing first. Funny how no other quilting blog warned me about this, am I the only one who has ever made this mistake?

After messing up quite a few blocks this week, I am going to focus on my cross-stitch this weekend and just take a little break from the patchwork

Good progress

Queen’s birthday weekend here in New Zealand, which means we had a day off work today. I spent the day working on the Farmer’s Wife quilts – I make two of each blocks, planning to make a similar quilt for each of my boys; one with blue, black and white and the other red, black and white.

Twelve blocks done and I feel happy about it. I redid the blocks I messed up yesterday

Farmer’s Wife quilts