Only 9 blocks left to sew!

I cannot believe that I have completed 61 blocks. Every time I made some I counted the number completed – I have made 12; I have made 10… I can see the end and I can now say ‘Nine more’! I think 70 will make a good sized quilt, with 7×10 plus a border.

It is such a good feeling. Ever better when I look at how I started, with this quilting bug biting me in March. I am happy! Yes, there are mistakes, with points not as pointy as it should be, with some square pieces not 100% square; and the biggest mistake that I squared all the blocks to 6″ instead of 6.5″ because I didn’t realise at the beginning that with ‘finished blocks’ quilters meant at the end of the process. But I squared the first 12 to 6″ and then decided the best would be to continue that way. The blocks for the other two quilts I am making are 6.5″ as they should be. I started with this quilt on 7 April this year and was hoping to complete it by the end of the year – I think I’ll reach my goal 🙂

61 completed blocks – a whole pile 🙂
No 61 🙂

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