All done!

I finished the second cross-stitch afghan baby blanket I start a couple of weeks ago. It looks totally different than the first one, but I love it too

Second baby blanket completed!
Bella trying the blanket out

What a week!!!!!!!!!!!!

My internet access went down a week ago 😦 I called the telephone company and the lady on the other side of the phone decided it was the modem. Monday this week I received the new modem from them. But when I connected everything I still had no internet access. The technician at the helpdesk patiently talked me through everything again, but no luck – still no internet. So he made an appointment to send a technician to my place to check the line, with the understanding he will arrive after I am home from school. Surprise surprise………at 2 pm my phone rang! The technician was waiting at my house. I basically stormed out of school and came home very quickly, just to find no-one here. Called the technician………voicemail. Called again a few seconds later……….voicemail. Called again, voicemail. I left him several messages quite close to each other. Eventually he arrived again and said he was at the ‘connection box’ or something, checking the line and then fixing the problem. I made it very clear that if I receive a speeding ticket he will be paying it

Anyway, he came in to check the modem. Luckily it was all good and I was back online. Then he wanted to leave……..I made him sit down and told him he won’t be leaving until I have connected my laptop to the internet and opened my email and facebook. The poor guy realised I was serious and waited until I was connected – only in New Zealand (I think) where a technician would humour a stressed female like that. Main thing: I am back online!!!!!!

Finished the babyblanket the other day (I think I posted a photo in an earlier post, but will again) and started with the next project. This is again a cross-stitch baby blanket. Call me crazy but I decided to make three, one for each of my children, although there is no sign of a grandchild anywhere

Bella claiming the finished baby blanket
Finished blanket
New project