Salad in a jar

I haven’t been here for over a month, can’t believe how quick the time went! In this time my sister came to visit from South Africa and she wanted me to teach her how to smock. I have now finished smocking the fronts of 6 little dresses, with another nearly done and another one pleated, but not yet smocked. As soon as finished all of them and steamed it, I will post a photo, before sewing the dresses.

School is starting again tomorrow, after a 2-week holiday. Summer is nearly here and I decided it is some time for healthy eating, as I have been cutting out food which seems to have affected my eczema. I really struggled with it on my hands for the past few months and started to not eat certain types of food/snacks as it seemed as those things made my hands itch even more – milk, cheese, oranges, mandarins, chocolate 😦  I also found an outrageously expensive cream which helped a lot. But I have been reading about salads and came across articles about salad in a jar. I bought salad ingredients and made salads fot he rest of the week. Apparently the greens remain fresh if you put it in a jar – we’ll see, I hate soggy lettuce

Salad in a jar

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