Smocked dresses

It is the first day of the Christmas holiday and I have been busy. I had the deck water-blasted a while ago and only managed to sort it out today. Also placed the bumble-bee nesting box between the plants, just waiting for the queen bumble bee to inspect it and move in. It has a glass cover and a wooden lid, which means I’ll be able to take photos of the activities when I take the wooden lid off

Bella inspecting the deck after it has been water blasted

Haven’t done any patchwork for the quilt for a while, will hopefully get to it this holiday. But I have been doing a lot of smocking and also made three little dresses. Two have been delivered to two little sisters already

I love my job, but to be honest I really, really love vacation time. And I am free until the beginning of February!

Two little smocked dresses, already with their new owners
The result of my first day on vacation



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