Lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy

I cannot believe it is March already. So much happened since my previous post. On 29 February I had a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy. I saw the surgeon on 22 February and he realised immediately that I really, really wanted him to get rid of the cancer in my breast as soon as possible. A week later he made it happen

The surgery went well, although I will have to wait until Thursday for the results – to find out whether it has spread and whether the surgeon managed to get it all out. I am so happy with the surgeon who did the operation, he has the best bedside manner. As they prepared me for the operation he stood next to me and held my hand, which means I was totally calm as I fell asleep. He also only made one cut to get to the lump as well as do the lymph node biopsy. And then glued me back together 🙂 Yes, no stitches to remove, just glue keeping everything together. And the wound is healing beautifully. I am in recovery mode and find I have more energy every day. Even planning to go back to work this coming week

Radiation treatment can start the moment the wound is healed – that is if the results look good and he got everything out. I have been reading a lot about radiation, and although it is better than chemo, it doesn’t seem to be a walk in the park

I feel positive, it feels as if I have an amazing team working with me, on my side. I have no control over my body or treatment or appointments – but I feel ok about it. So much happened in February – biopsy, mammograms, positive diagnosis, surgery. It feels as if I have not totally caught up to everything yet as it is happening so fast. But I am lucky because it is happening so fast!


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