Back to work!

I decided it is time to go back to work today, so that I can save my sick leave for radiation treatment. Managed to work for about 5 hours and felt my body coming to a stop. Came home and had a nap – now feel good again

There is this huge lump under my arm, apparently it is only fluid and can be drained. But it hurts me more than the wound after surgery. It is so sore, and seem to be irritated by my clothing. The surgeon warned me about it and said it is called a seroma. Of course, when he told me it can happen, I decided it won’t happen to me. Big mouth!!!!!! But he didn’t tell me it would hurt so much

My breast and armpit and part of the upper arm is totally numb. Not a very nice feeling, but according to google and those who know it will go away eventually

I have my follow-up appointment with the surgeon Thursday evening, also to find out whether the cancer has spread and what treatment I’ll get. I seriously DON’T want chemo and I do worry it will be necessary. I feel ok about radiation. But please, not chemo

After being diagnosed with cancer it really plays with your mind. Everytime something hurts, from my knee to my head, I immediately think ‘it has spread’, ‘it’s in my bones’, ‘it’s in my brain’


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