No chemo required!!!!!

Less than a month ago, on February 12, I received the breast cancer diagnosis. I suddenly was on the superfast journey – doctors, treatment, biopsy, surgery, ultra sounds, hospitals – name it and I had it done

Today I received the pathology results after the lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy: they removed 3 lymph nodes and the lump. No cancer in the lymph nodes and they managed to remove the lump with clear margins!!!!!!!! It’s out, it is gone – no more cancer cells in my body

I had this huge headache when I walked into the surgeon’s rooms, a whole hour too early for my appointment because I simply couldn’t wait at home any longer. He was amazing and called me in quickly……..and gave the good news which is so wonderful and I am so happy

He  did an ultra-sound of the lump under my arm but said it is not necessary to drain it (seroma) and to take painkillers for the pain. But the wound is healing beautifully – and I can see it under the glue, it is only going to be a very thin little line soon

Radiation is waiting, but according to the surgeon it is going to be a walk in the park after the past month. Bring it on, I am ready!


2 thoughts on “No chemo required!!!!!”

  1. Hi Susan
    That’s certainly great news.
    As a cancer survivor, I understand what you are going through.
    Best of luck with your radiation treatment, and keep smiling. You may well be tender or even quite sore as it progresses, but just remember that it is zapping to keep you safe and healthy.
    Do take advantage of any help which is offered, as going in for radiation day after day, week after week, can really tire you out, physically and emotionally. So take time to pamper yourself a little.

    1. Thank you Jenny – I feel blessed to come off so lightly. But now I know how people diagnosed with cancer feel and I understand the feelings such people can go through. Thank you for your kind words. It is so good to hear from other survivors 🙂

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