Only one more!

Tomorrow is my last radiation treatment. I am soooooooo happy about it! I still have some medical appointments coming up, for example a bone density scan on Tuesday and then see the oncologist in 6 week’s time. But it feels as if my life is coming together again and I will be a little more in control. No, I cannot keep myself cancer-free, but I can plan my days and do things. It also means I don’t have to plan my day around radiation treatment – although, in all honesty, planning my day at this stage means get up, treatment, rest.

Radiation has hit me hard and I have been really tired. But it has been better this week as I haven’t been going to work, but took the doctor’s advice and took sick leave. I was very tired today and had to force myself to stay awake during treatment 🙂

My skin is also burnt. I was tempted to take a photo and upload it, just as a reminder. But decided against it

I took my camera to treatment today, to get a photo of the spaceship. It was funny, I asked one of the therapists if she’ll take a photo and she was happy to. Until I pulled my camera out – she thought I meant the camera on my phone and not a huge Olympus. Suddenly these clever girls, who can handle the spaceship and all it’s buttons, wouldn’t touch the camera 🙂


2 thoughts on “Only one more!”

  1. Congratulations, you had your last chemo! Yes, there is the bone density (and do be sure to tell the techician to ASK before he/she touches your chest! I didn’t know what was coming and the tech pushed her finger hard on to my sternum which was incredibly tender and it hurt a lot!!! I cried out and she said, ‘oh,” and I said I just had a dlb mastectomy and I hurt, woman!! I know there’s still a lot ahead, onco dr. and the protocol treatment. I am taking Femera for my procotol for five years. No side effects, yet. Good luck!

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