Catching up on the latest Splendid Sampler blocks

I had a very busy day today, but managed to catch up on the latest SS blocks (SS facebook page). The bonus block was for Children’s Day and it was designed by the young son of one of the quilters in the SS group, but I didn’t like it – it has so many small little bits and it seems as if it is coming out wonky even when the experienced quilters make it. I replaced it with my own version for Children’s Day, by using the ‘paper-cut’ templates (we used to make so many of these as children) and decided to put 3 ‘children’ on it – celebrating my own three children. This made the block much more personal to me.

Latest Splendid Sampler blocks

Went for a bone density scan earlier this week, as I have from now on take a pill (Aromatase) every day to try and prevent the cancer cells growing again. These pills can have an effect on my bones and I will be going for regular scans to make sure everything is ok. This first scan went well and the results came back yesterday – there is no sign of anything weird in the bone-density 🙂

After feeling dreadful while receiving radiation treatment every day, I had a good week with heaps of energy. It feels so good to be able to do what I want to do – instead of wanting to do stuff but not being able to because of fatigue. It was the best to take sick-leave from work during the last week of treatment. I am so happy I listened to the doctor when he suggested it.

It is long weekend here in NZ, with the Queen’s birthday celebration on Monday. I plan to relax and get more neeldlework done





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