End of holiday :(

I cannot believe it is nearly the end of the school holiday – where did the days go? I visited my youngest son in Adelaide. He is moving to Hong Kong in August and it was great to be able to spend some time with him before he moves further away. We had a lovely time, with good food and exploring Adelaide. We visited an animal farm where we could hold koala bears. All the animals at the park were very friendly and quite tame. My son is graduating next Friday and the going to fly for Cathay Pacific – a dream come true as he always wanted to be a pilot

My youngest holding a koala bear

It took me forever to get back to Wellington after the flight was cancelled because of an electrical fault. I basically spent the whole day on Monday at the airport in Adelaide, and then travelled to Melbourne (and missing my flight to Wellington), spending the night in Melbourne. The next day I travelled to Wellington and another day was wasted at airport and on the plane. I was exhausted by the time I arrived home Tuesday evening

Wednesday I paid (yes!!!!! Paid!!!!!) someone to clean my oven. It was worth every single dollar and the oven is sparkling clean. I don’t think I am going to use it ever again

A sparkling clean oven!

Today I was sewing the whole day. I am taking part in the Bee-utiful QAL and finished 11 of the 20 blocks. Before travelling to Adelaide I managed to purchase the Bee Creative fabric from three different shops, and when I arrived home the fabric already arrived from the USA and Australia. Mollie claimed it, but this morning I decided I really wanted to start assembling the completed blocks. What a rewarding day! It took me the whole day, but the blocks look so beautiful with the sashing. I love this quilt and cannot wait for the rest of the blocks to be released

I also did some embroidery for the Splendid Sampler, although I am about four blocks behind at the moment. Hope to catch-up on the blocks tomorrow, or at least prepare them for the applique work, as there are a couple  to be stitched. A new one is released tomorrow. I better get heaps done tomorrow 🙂 But I also decided I am going to start stitching the blocks together and do the quilting row by row. I don’t think I am going to complete all the blocks from now on, but just make a few more and then assemble the quilt. I don’t want to lose interest and then never finish the quilt, it might be better to quilt and assemble while I still am interested in this quilt. It is going to be pretty and I am so happy with the blocks I have made so far. I forgot to take a photo, but will post an update as I join the blocks


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