Splendid Sampler – I’ve made up my mind!

I have been thinking about the Splendid Sampler and the blocks I’ve made so far. I love this QAL but cannot see myself still being motivated and enjoying it by the time Pat Sloan releases block 100. And I am worried that if I simply continue making every single block it is going to become an unfinished project. So I have decided to lay out the blocks, check the colours, decide which colours and how many blocks I still need to have a good-sized ‘throw’. If I make the quilt 6 x 9 blocks I basically only need one green and one purple block (with a pink block and a blue block I won’t use) to finish it now. And that is what I am going to do. Today I started sewing rows together. I am going to hand-quilt quilt row by row and then join the rows with a strip of the butterfly fabric. For the backing I am going to use strips of each colour, and also join with a strip of the butterfly fabric. To finish off I’ll add a border, using the butterfly fabric; and then bind with the plain blue I used in many of the blocks. (Because I love blue!)

5 rows ready to be quilted!

Of course that doesn’t mean I will stop making the new blocks, but it also doesn’t mean I will make more. It is something I’ll decide as and when the blocks are released. But I think I would rather finish the Bee-utiful and embroidered Sunbonnett Sue quilts this year too – and have three lovely and different quilts…….instead of three unfinished projects

I quite like how everything is coming together!






2 thoughts on “Splendid Sampler – I’ve made up my mind!”

  1. I understand your point and I agree, you should do what is right for you. You will be much happier with your decision. Love how your blocks look now. It will be wonderful when you finish it.

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