Sinus infection and quilting

I am, once again, sick! It feels as if someone sneezes next to me and I am the one catching the bug immediately. As if my body is part of the olympic team and not missing a bug ball

This time a sinus-infection. I have been blaming my headaches on the stress at work, but on Monday my whole head was hurting – face, eyes, top of my head, my brain…..everything. Saw the doctor and he gave me a cocktail of pills; from antibiotics to steroids to painkillers and histamine. I came home with the whole pharmacy. A day later and I am still waiting for the antibiotics to kick in

Borders added

But I also completed the last blocks for the Bee-utiful quilt and added the borders. As I am a total beginner I simply don’t want to risk making a mess of the quilting, or spoil the work I have done and made an appointment to see a long-arm quilter. We had a quick chat and she patiently answered my stupid questions. I am taking the backing and quilt top in on Sunday and we’ll talk about the batting and the custom quilt. I don’t want anything complicated, just something simple. But I will listen to her advise and make a decision then. For someone who can be very impatient I already worry about waiting 8 weeks for it to be quilted πŸ™‚

What a lovely project this was. And I am so happy to tell others about it – a friend at school has started hers this week after I took mine to school on Monday for a show-and-tell


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