Splendid Sampler done and dusted!

After sewing the whole day I finished the Splendid Sampler quilt – or rather, my version of it. I stopped making new blocks a while ago, after deciding not to continue the QAL and make 100+ blocks. It was the right decision for me because I stopped while I still enjoyed it. Another lovely quilt done


Splendid Sampler

A good day at the sewing machine, with lots of time on my knees on the floor – measuring and cutting. The Splendid Sampler has been quilted row by row and is now ready to be joined together. And then the binding added. So close now and if all goes well, I should have a completed Splendid Sampler quilt finished by tomorrow evening. Again, I found a good tutorial on how to join blocks/rows if you quilt-as-you-go which I plan to follow very closely

Splendid Sampler – nearly there!

Tonight I am going to a workshop by Mark Gee about astrophotography, but it is raining and no sign of the clouds clearing up. They just called me to say it is going ahead, rain and all and I feel a bit let down as it is supposed to be a hands-on workshop and I don’t understand how we can take photos of the sky if you cannot see the sky

Back to the vet

Mollie has done so well since Monday. She was very wobbly the whole day on Monday after the operation, but woke up a new cat yesterday and were back to normal. Well, that was until she started licking her stitches. Last night when I checked she has been bleeding a bit, which of course caused her to lick the wound even more. This morning there were blood on the carpet and in her fur, and I decided she needs to see the vet as I was afraid she pulled some stitches out. He gave her some antibiotics and the dreaded collar – she is not a happy cat at all



This little project has been on my mind for quite a while, actually since I’ve seen it on Claire’s blog. And today was the day! I found a lovely little pattern and then a great tutorial with instructions on how to stitch it together. I have googled this and looked at a lot of tutorials and found this one so clear, with step by step instructions and photos. There are so many free patterns for these little pincushions. So pretty but actually quite hard to get a good photo of this pincushion (I am so sorry, but I am not sure who created this pattern – I found it on Pinterest, and therefore cannot acknowledge who it belongs to)


A very expensive start!

First day of the school holidays and I do hope a pattern has not been set today because I won’t be able to afford it. Mollie went to the vet to be spayed and microchipped. She is now back home, bit wobbly on her feet, but had a drink of water and now sleeping on the carpet. She is definitely not feeling the best. Bella is keeping a very close eye on her. It was quite funny how Bella reacted after I took Mollie to the vet – she walked through the house, meowing loudly, looking for Mollie. She simply couldn’t relax long enough to sleep. Luckily the carpet layer distracted her.

But yes, I knew the vet bill was going to be a lot but didn’t really expect a bill of $270.29!!!!!! That is a lot of money and I know she had to be spayed and she had to be microchipped, although she is an indoor cat, but $270????? Not very affordable if the expectation is that all cats should be spayed and have a microchip


When Mollie came here as a little kitten she was not toilet-trained as promised by the previous owner and she quickly claimed a spot behind the television to use. Luckily only there and no where else in the house. I found a very good product and it actually got rid of the smell – used to pour it over the carpet and watch it foam as it reacted with the pee. And although Mollie is now quite good, she still tends to go to her safe spot whenever Bella used her litter tray. I decided to ask the carpet layer to replace that part of the carpet and put the coffee table in the corner so that Mollie cannot use it again

He ripped up the carpet in the corner and replace the wooden strips with the nails as well, to make sure we get all the smell and spots out. I then liberally sprayed some Odarid all over the spot, before he replaced the carpet. This product is absolutely amazing and the carpet layer was going to buy a big bottle for future similar  jobs. He was very impressed. Luckily I still had some carpet which I kept after replacing the carpet throughout the house. What a great job he did – you cannot even see where he joined the new and old carpet. It looks pretty good to me. But……..$180!

So yes, it was an expensive day. I will be counting the pennies for the rest of the week 🙂

SAL update – time flies

It is true, time flies. I cannot believe it is time for a SAL update again!! The good thing is that school closed Friday for a two-week holiday and I am so happy about it. To me it means sleeping in and doing whatever I feel like for the next two weeks. Mollie must go to the vet to be spayed and microchipped Monday morning and Thursday I have a workshop with Mark Gee, for astrophotography. His photos are simply beautiful and I cannot wait for this hands-on workshop, after trying to get a place in one of his workshops for quite a few years – the tickets sell out within hours and I have always been too late. But this time it is my turn!!!! I am also thinking of going on a road-trip. It is called the Forgotten Highway and it looks like a potential fun trip

I haven’t done much needlework the past few weeks, since the last update, except working on the black cross-stitch project. I have finished all the embroidery and now just have to finish it off. But as I said in my last update, I am not very fond of this piece I have done and still trying to work out how what to do with it, and how to finish it off. If I liked it enough I could have made a wall-hanging, but I still don’t. This might go into a drawer to be gifted to the right person at some stage. Or I might add a fabric border and backing and use it on the coffee-table, I really have not decided yet.

This is where I was with the last update (first photo) and where I am now (second photo):

cross stitch

Cross-stitch project

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Sunbonnet Sue sashing done

I like what I see!!!!! Sashing has been done for the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Now just to be quilted (the embroidered blocks are all the same fabric, although the light when I took the photo changed it). The backing is blue with white dots and this will be used for the binding too

Sunbonnet Sue quilt top