Back to the vet

Mollie has done so well since Monday. She was very wobbly the whole day on Monday after the operation, but woke up a new cat yesterday and were back to normal. Well, that was until she started licking her stitches. Last night when I checked she has been bleeding a bit, which of course caused her to lick the wound even more. This morning there were blood on the carpet and in her fur, and I decided she needs to see the vet as I was afraid she pulled some stitches out. He gave her some antibiotics and the dreaded collar – she is not a happy cat at all




This little project has been on my mind for quite a while, actually since I’ve seen it on Claire’s blog. And today was the day! I found a lovely little pattern and then a great tutorial with instructions¬†on how to stitch it together. I have googled this and looked at a lot of tutorials and found this one so clear, with step by step instructions and photos. There are so many free patterns for these little pincushions. So pretty but actually quite hard to get a good photo of this pincushion (I am so sorry, but I am not sure who created this pattern – I found it on Pinterest, and therefore cannot acknowledge who it belongs to)