End of holiday :(

I have a clean house – washed the floors, vacuumed the floors, dusted. All the washing has been done and I am mentally preparing for school on Monday. This is going to be a busy term as it is the last term of the year and all the students will be rushing to complete assessments.

Mollie has recovered well from her surgery and the stitches are out, so no more worries about her teeth getting stuck in her stitches (this happened last Sunday) or her pulling them out

In preparation for school and full days at work I have decided to order My Own Food bag every week. These guys deliver the ingredients and recipes for the week, all I have to do is cook the meal every day. Living alone and cooking for one person is sometimes really hard and it feels easier just to grab a sandwich or some take away – and this is very obvious as I have a very round body. My Own Food Bag seems to be easy and I am going to give it a try. Hopefully I will waste less food as I often buy something ‘just-in-case’ and then end up not using it. We’ll see whether this will work 🙂

I have made good progress on the new project from the Frosted Pumpkin I started this week and I really love it

Pattern from the Frosted Pumpkin

So yes, back to school on Monday!


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