SAL update

What a week – school is crazy because it is so close to the end of the year. The students are submitting the last assessments and we are starting to get everything ready for next year. Things are different at a correspondence school – you cannot wait for the beginning of the year to get your ‘classroom’ sorted. Students are starting to enrol already and they will have access to the online material before the school officially starts, therefore everything must be prepared now, to be ready when they start.

I have also been thinking quite a bit – I am one of those unlucky few who are struggling with fatique after radiation therapy. During radiation I was struggling with it already and it simply never went away, although I can feel it is getting better. But a busy day means days of recovery to recharge. Stress is not helping and the school environment is a stressful environment, which also causes my migraines. And, the effect of this is that my work is not a happy place for me at all. Therefore I am considering getting through next year and to call it a day after that. This will give me something to look forward to and I can count down to the end of my working career. It will also give me a year to build up more savings to make sure I can retire without worrying about finances. So it is either resigning at the end of 2017 or applying for a year of refreshment leave for 2018. There is no rush to make a final decision, I just know I have to get away from school for some time in future. Waiting until 2018 is not ideal, but it will make 2017 a lot easier.

Needlework-wise I have been busy with the Frosted Pumpkin journey. November has been released and I hope to work on it this coming week.

This is where I was last time:

Frosted pumpkin

This is where I am now:


Yesterday I also made another pincushion, this time as a present for a colleague. I decided to, although I am not telling them yet about my plans for 2018, make a few items for those colleagues I am close to. Something they can use in future and be reminded of the good times we had in the office. I’ll be finishing these small gifts from now on and give it to them as I finish it – just a little ‘pressie’ đŸ™‚

Please pop over and have a look at the work of my SAL friends:

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7 thoughts on “SAL update”

  1. The Pumpkin Passport is looking amazing – you’ve made such a lot of progress, and the pincushion too. Good work. I hope you’ll be feeling a bit stronger and less tired soon.

  2. I have enjoyed watching Pumpkin Passport come to life, and I LOVE the pin cushion. Not sure why exactly I am so obsessed with it, but I keep coming back to look at it! Hope you turn the corner soon, and feel less fatigued.

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