7.5 earthquake in NZ

Just after midnight this morning the country was shaking – it went on for a long time and it was very, very strong. The aftershocks also continued for a long time, with quakes reported all over the country. So far there is news of 2 people who lost their lives. But I think we came off lightly

Here in Wellington schools are closed and no buses or trains are running. Everyone is told to stay out of the CBD as they are assessing damage. But to be honest – it was not fun. When the shaking started I got out of bed to check on the cats but it was so severe I couldn’t walk. Just stood in one place, holding on. It went on for several minutes and the first aftershock followed soon

I am happy to say our family network plan worked well – if one of us are in a quake or anything else they have to txt at least one other member to say everything is ok. And I think our messages reached each other more or less at the same time. Knowing your family members are safe decreases the stress immediately

No school for me today as I am not allowed into the CBD, but let’s hope there are no more aftershocks


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