SAL update

It feels to me as if, every time I do a SAL update, so much happened in my life – but not much needlework!

I have mentioned here a few times that I am finding work very stressful and struggling a bit with my health after radiation earlier this year. Well, good and bad news on this front. This week I had a bit of a break down at school and decided I need to take a break asap, as I know very well that I cannot continue being this stressed and unhappy in my work. I applied for refreshment leave for 2017 (instead of 2018 as originally planned), which basically means unpaid leave for a year with my position held for me. No, I cannot afford to take unpaid leave, I won’t be able to pay my mortgage, I won’t be able to pay any expenses as my savings account is not ready for this at all. But my lovely ex came to my rescue and told me to apply for leave, pack up, rent my place out and move myself and the cats to the house for the year. He is still living in the house we shared as a family, it is huge with 5 bedrooms and therefore more than big enough for 2 adults, 2 cats and a dog. I am so thankful and grateful that we have a good relationship and that I actually feel ok to take him up on the offer

So yes, the next few months I will be organising a move, sign a contract with a property manager to look after my place, and …..and …. and. It is going to be busy and my list of ‘to do’ is already a mile long. I am experiencing feelings of sadness and happiness and relief and stress – more or less all at the same time. But I know this is going to help me get 100% back to normal again and I am actually looking forward to walking out of the school where I stopped enjoying my job some time ago, where I felt un-supported, where the stress has been triggering migraines and causing nights without sleep

Didn’t think this will be happening, but it is 🙂 In the meantime I made two little smocked dresses. A colleague at school is pregnant with a little baby girl and the baby shower is tomorrow. I made a little dress, a pair of knickers, smocked a little vest and socks – a whole little outfit.


Another colleague became grandmother for the first time on Friday and I made her granddaughter a little dress and smocked a vest.She was so happy to receive this for the little girl. I love giving away my smocked dresses!dresses1

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15 thoughts on “SAL update”

  1. Oh Susan, what a blessing this must be! This will allow you to get the time you need to recuperate and feel ready to take up your professional life without feeling so taxed and stressed. Wishing you the very best with the preparations for the move.

  2. How great that your ex is so kind and helpful, he must be a very decent person. I’m so glad there’s a solution for you, because it sounds as if something had to give, and it mustn’t be your health and sanity. As for those little smocked outfits, any new mother would be totally thrilled to receive them, your work is beautiful.

  3. Those are beautiful gifts! That is so nice that your relationship with your ex offers support and friendship. I think this will be the right move towards recovery and your well being. Warm wishes and healing vibes your way.

    1. Thanks Christina. I always felt lucky that we still had a good relationship after we separated because we never wanted the children (although adults) to feel they are stuck in the middle. Now I feel even luckier. I think he saved my life 🙂

  4. What beautiful dresses, I don’t think I have smocked since my own daughter was a baby some 40 odd years ago. I love them both but have to admit the one with the beautiful mix of stripes and polka dots is the one I would choose first.
    I am so sad to hear you have been unhappy at work, no one deserves that. But lovely that you chose such a good man that he still cares about your welfare even though you are no longer together as a couple. I hope that as I become an established member of your little group I will see you recover once more, and hopefully find a job you will love.


    1. The stripes and polka dot one is my favourite too! Helen, it is not school holidays yet so I am still at work, finishing off, packing and tidying up – but I am already feeling good in myself. Next year is going to be good and I am so grateful for that kind man!

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