SAL update

Since the last SAL update school closed for the Christmas holiday and I am organising to move. The moving company dropped off some boxes for me and the supermarket gave me a whole pile of newspapers to use for the packing. I made lists of jobs to do and love ticking off the stuff I’ve done

I’ve also found a new embroidery SAL and love it. It is called the Never-ending Sampler. Two to three ‘rows’ are released per week, but you never know when. My plan is to embroider 3 x 6″ strips of Aida fabric and then join the strips with lace for a tablecloth. I am also using some of the colours I never seem to use for other projects. That is the idea now, it might change in future. But this will be my SAL project for a while.

The Never-ending Sampler

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11 thoughts on “SAL update”

  1. What a neat project that fits so well with your life right now. I wish you excellent weather for the packing and the move. I love the variety of stitches in this piece, it will be a great one to watch unfold.

  2. What a busy time of year for you! Good luck with the move. This is a beautiful sampler, quite exciting never being entirely sure when you are going to find out what’s next too! Beautiful colours, and I love your idea of using what you have on hand that never has a project planned.

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