Time to be crazy :)

School starts again tomorrow – but I don’t have to go because I am on a year’s refreshment leave!!!!!! So happy! I decided I cannot just cook and clean and read and do needlework this whole year, so I bought a bike. Yep, a bike. I need exercise, I need to loose weight, I need to get fit, I need to get out of the house. And it is blue! When I was younger I loved cycling and we used to cycle as a family. So why not 🙂



SAL update

I am so happy with the progress I’ve made with the Crochet Fusion Quilt the past week or two – the first 12 blocks done and dusted and it looks pretty good. Just have to finish the blanket stitches around the rest of the blocks and crochet. I have 4 more blocks completed, so basically only 20 to go before I can finish the quilt and crochet the final border. There is no rush to finish it


Not much more done with the Neverending Sampler as the designer’s husband is going through cancer treatment and she is not able to upload the new bands as quickly as originally planned – only completed two further bands/rows. I am thinking of adding additional rows from my cross-stitch blocks

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Aches and pains

The cats and I are slowly settling into the new environment, with the cats absolutely enjoying the huge space they can explore. I find them sleeping in new places every day. There are still heaps of boxes to unpack- I love the packing part but struggle a bit with unpacking. At this stage my goal is at least one box a day

The house is a bit of a disaster zone as there was a flood on the ground floor when the hot water cylinder decided to do more than just leak. The carpet will have to be replaced in three rooms. This is a good opportunity to paint the rooms and replace the curtains. It will be fresh and new downstairs

I have to say it is lovely to cook for another person again, and to sit and enjoy a meal together. I think both of us had enough of eating alone in front of the television and I am setting the table for us. It is really nice

For the past few months I have been struggling with aches and pains – mostly in my feet and legs, but sometimes also my arms. I struggle to walk when I get up in the morning, or after sitting down or standing up too long. At times my arms hurt and I can’t lift them very high, or there is just a general feeling of weakness. But my feet are the bigger problem as I seem to be shuffling a bit at times, as if I am a very unfit old woman. Which I am not! I have also been struggling with fatigue, which started during radiation treatment, and it still continues – I seem to need to recharge at the most unexpected times, sometimes even very soon after getting up in the morning. This is all very frustrating and I am very tempted to stop using the medication which I have to use for the next 5 years (or 4.5 now) as it seems everything I feel could be a side-effect of the Letrole/Letrozole I am using to treat the breast cancer – it is suppose to prevent the cancer from growing again. I don’t think this is the quality of life I want for the next few years. I hope to see the breast surgeon or oncologist soon for a follow-up and will discuss this with them

When I feel sore or tired I now sit back and give my body a bit of a break, and I do cross stitch or work on my High Tea Crochet Fusion Quilt. I did the blanket-stitching around four blocks last week and crocheted the border for these four blocks today (that is why I have such a sore arm at the moment). I have now finished about 12 of the 36 squares and will spend some time from now on to complete the blanket-stitch for the rest of the squares and have them ready to crochet. Because I am not very patient I have also started joining some of the blocks 🙂 This is such a pretty project and can n0t wait to see it done, but it will take another couple of months (or more) to complete (Just noticed I started this on my birthday last year. Really going to try and finish it before my next birthday)


Moving! Moved!

After all the packing the moving company picked up my stuff on Monday. I then cleaned the house, packed the car and caught the ferry at 10pm that night, departing Wellington at 2:30am. Because I booked a cabin I could board early and get some sleep, before arriving in Picton at 6am and then driving to out new house 6 hours away


The cats coped well, although they were totally confused by the empty house – they were in the closed bathroom while the movers packed and were surprised to see nothing but floor when I let them out. As I was going to be there for the rest of the day I made us a floorbed (with all the bedding that was on my bed) and we relaxed there until leaving


At some stage they got a bit confused with the empty house and simply sat in the one carrier, waiting for something to happen. Which I found quite funny as Mollie doesn’t like the carrier and never gets into it voluntary


The car was PACKED! Not just with all my stuff, but also 2 cat carriers, a litter tray, toys, food, scratch pole and lots and lots of stuff. (When I saw it all unpacked I couldn’t believe I managed to fit it in one small car). The cats did so well, not only on the ferry, but throughout the whole journey. They were calm, used the litter tray when I stopped and let them out of the carriers and then sleeping happily when we moved on again. It was funny the first time I let them out of the carriers in the car – Mollie jumped to use the litter tray but took a while. Bella walked past a few times, waiting her turn and then simply couldn’t wait any longer and jumped in too. Of course they both can’t fit properly and I couldn’t resist the temptation and took a photo with poor Bella half in the tray and half out 🙂 (Poor Mollie was at that stage also inside the litter tray, squashed in the back of it


At the destination I immediately made the bed with my bedding as I thought it would help the cats to settle, having the familiar smells around them. The youngest refused to leave the bedroom the whole day, hiding under the duvet everytime she heard some new noise. But she eventually started exploring the house later the evening. And early this morning, when I made coffee, she was exploring again with very loud commentary. The other cat knows the house well as she has visited often in the past and simply found a comfy chair and claimed it as hers

So here we are, a whole new adventure started!


Lavender sachets

I now know what my first fast project for 2017 is going to be! Little Lavender Sachet bags. I read about it in another blog today and immediately ordered some dried lavender to be delivered at my new address. I am also going to embroider a pretty cross stitch design before assembling it – knowing me a cat of some sorts 🙂

If I embroider several for myself and friends I can basically assemble quite a few in one go and it can make a lovely ‘thinking of you’ gift

Luckily (for my packing) I have send all my fabric and sewing machines and needles and thread off to the new house already, to make sure I don’t start a new project when I am supposed to be packing and cleaning

But I can plan and be prepared. And it is nice to know what I want to start on 🙂 And lots more ideas here. Suddenly I can see the unpacking, after the big move, is not going to be very high on my list of priorities

First SAL update for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 be the best ever

My life: packing, packing, packing. The moving date is coming closer and my house is full of packed and empty boxes. I have dozens of lists. This is a great time, I actually love packing 🙂

Of course I make time for stitching – at this stage I am finishing of my Pumpkin Passport cross stitch project….nearly there. The other one is the Neverending Sampler. I love the different stitches and it is so relaxing to do a row at a time when you want to take a break from packing.

This is where I was at the previous SAL update:


This is where I am now:


Here is my Pumpkin Passport – now just to finish it off as a table runner. I quite like it 🙂


We have also been away on holiday, booking a bach in Tauranga (for the non-Kiwis….a ‘bach’ is basically a holiday home. In the past it was called a bachelor pad, we now call it a bach) While I was away a lovely lady looked after my cats by popping in once a day to play with them, clean the litter trays and feed them. She is amazing and the cats absolutely love her. It is also assuring to know the cats are safely at home and looked after. But the youngest, Mollie, can be nervous and shy and doesn’t like her life to be scary. She stressed (or was it revenge because I left her?) and she decided to pee on the carpet (behind the litter tray). I have washed the carpet but as we all know, cat-pee cannot be washed out. Or the smell at least. Which is causing a bit of a problem as I will be renting my house out for the year and I cannot have a tenant moving into a smelly house. Luckily the carpet man is coming to my rescue and he will be replacing that part of the carpet two days before I move. I love the notes the Byndie leaves, basically a summary of the visits. I read through them like a proud mum


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