Lavender sachets

I now know what my first fast project for 2017 is going to be! Little Lavender Sachet bags. I read about it in another blog today and immediately ordered some dried lavender to be delivered at my new address. I am also going to embroider a pretty cross stitch design before assembling it – knowing me a cat of some sorts šŸ™‚

If I embroider several for myself and friends I can basically assemble quite a few in one go and it can make a lovely ‘thinking of you’ gift

Luckily (for my packing) I have send all my fabric and sewing machines and needles and thread off to the new house already, to make sure I don’t start a new project when I am supposed to be packing and cleaning

But I can plan and be prepared. And it is nice to know what I want to start on šŸ™‚ And lots more ideas here. Suddenly I can see the unpacking, after the big move, is not going to be very high on my list of priorities


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