Hmmmm, yes…maybe I am feeling like a bit of a fool

We bought bikes and the assembled bikes arrived today, with great excitement we pick them up at the shop, tie them to the brand new bike carrier rack on the car. I had to read the little manual before we could figure out how to attach it to the car. When we arrived at the shop I asked Paul to park far away from the shop in the most remote spot in the shop’s parking area so that everyone wouldn’t stare at the two fools as we struggled to put the bikes on the carrier. But luckily it ended up to be quite easy

Here is where I am now:

  • I love cycling. But the last time I actually cycled was 20 years ago
  • 20 years ago my bike had no gears. This bike is an 18-speed
  • I have never used an 18 speed bike before. Which actually simply means I have NO clue at all how to ride this bike
  • I am googling ‘how to ride an 18 speed bike’ and watching YouTube videos on how to change gears. Normally I am not a slow learner. Now I seem to be
  • Wiki has a 15-step list of instructions – I still don’t understand, except that right is rear and left is front. But that doesn’t mean anything to me yet. I might print these off and pop them in the basket for quick reference
  • Oh yes, my bike has a basket………did I mention that? I love a bike with a basket
  • But now I might also need one of those little carriers with the transparent, plastic cover where you put your phone – so that I can follow the tutorial on YouTube as I ride – the one which will teach me how to change gears
  • And then there is the helmet – I have yet to figure out which way is which and how to attach it to me head. That is going to be interesting. 20 years ago we didn’t need helmets

When telling my son, very proudly, that we bought bikes, he was a bit lost for words. And actually said ‘I am not sure what to say right now’……….and then came out with ‘will you send me a video?’ I know exactly what he means with that request. It means ‘make sure to get it on video when you fall off’

Before ringing off he did ask what made me think I needed a bike. Never thought a child can feel embarrassed by his mother at the age of 29 and I am actually feeling proud that I managed to make him feel that way. May there be many moments like this in future……..and may I ride this bike like a pro as soon as I have the courage to get on it


8 thoughts on “Hmmmm, yes…maybe I am feeling like a bit of a fool”

  1. I bought myself a cross trainer, rather than a bike, which is sadly gathering dust until my back feels better. I see no reason why you shouldn’t soon learn how to change gears and enjoy many cycle rides!

    1. Claire, I am wondering if this video he asked for might not be the best idea ever – I am sure if I fall off and we catch it on video for YouTube I can get rich because of the millions of people who will be laughing at a 60-year old woman falling off

  2. I bought a bike about 5 years ago and really have gotten comfortable with the daily riding here in our winter place in Arizona. I try to ride about 45 minutes each day, and feel stronger and younger. Don’t give up, just find a gear that works for you (I seem to like 7 best) and remember that the helmet is there to protect your noggin! The basket I have holds 6 bottles of wine (that’s what the 21 year old guy said when I was enquiring as to capacity!!) or the mail, a sweater, etc. Good luck, it will come back to you. Jill in Arizona/Calgary

  3. God for you – riding is great fun- a sense of youthful freedom- try bike paths and parks until you are a confident rider.

  4. Don’t worry about the gears. Find a nice flat area with a little room and just move the right hand gear as you pedal, until you find something that feels comfortable. Practice going in and out of those gears and when you feel comfortable you can start experimenting with the other side. Or, visa versa….you want to start with the gears that change the feel the least. You’ll be a pro in no time!

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