Not once…..but twice

I fell off the bike!!!!! It was as if I was just waiting for it to happen. The first time today was when I got on the bike…….and before I could set off I simply fell. A few scrapes and bruises but nothing serious. And then we were off for the ride. It all went well until I had to go uphill and I couldn’t get the right gear and I forgot about braking and balancing. I even forgot to simply put both feet on the ground. No, I took the easy way and fell. On the road. And honestly, the road is not soft at all 😦

I couldn’t get up because suddenly fatigue set in as well and I couldn’t even move the bike off me. I just wanted to sit in the middle of the road. Husband pull the bike away and pulled me up and I just sat on the sidewalk and waited for him to bring the car around

A friend offered to make me training wheels 🙂

This is my elbow after we cleaned it up and put a bandage on so that I don’t get blood on the furniture (the photo looks a bit weird because of the angle, but yes, it is my elbow)

My first, and hopefully last, bike-inflicted wound

So tomorrow it is back to the parking area for a bit more practice!



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