I have two lovely indoor cats – Bella, the Birman, and Mollie, the Ragdoll x. Bella walks outside on a leash, but never on her own. Mollie is scared of everything and doesn’t like the big, unknown world




Bella loves going outside and I often feel guilty for keeping her as an indoor cat, and she is the main reason why we decided to build an enclosure so that she can be ‘outside’ whenever she feels like it.

After walking around the house, we found there is a perfect corner for such an enclosure, or catio. We never use this area of the house, it is covered and next to the entrance hallway of the house. There is a connecting sliding door to it, as well as another door. We will install a cat door to the cation from the second door for the cats. Most of the area is covered, but part of it will be closed in and this will allow the cats to enjoy the sunshine, or simply sleep in the covered area if it is a wet day (but still enjoy the fresh air)

Work has started and the cats will soon have a great place to themselves – although I plan to add a comfy chair and table so that I can join them with a cuppa and a book when I feel like it

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SAL update

Slow on the embroidery front, but lots of time behind the sewing machine. The past few weeks I completed four little smocked dresses. The red one has already been gifted, but the other three are still without a little girl. My favourite is the white/yellow/black dress with the daisies




There will be no sewing update for the next SAL update as I am on my way to visit my son in Hong Kong. I fly to Sydney today, meet him at the hotel and Tuesday we fly to Hong Kong. This will be a very special flight for me as he will be the pilot. I am so proud I want to  wear a T-shirt saying ‘My son is the pilot’, but he wasn’t impressed with that idea. I have flown with him in a Cessna on several occasions, but this time it is in the A330 with lots of other passengers

It is also a ‘surprise’ holiday as:

  • I don’t have a return ticket yet and therefore not sure when I will be back. My plan is to stay away for about 2-3 weeks
  • we are going to travel to other countries, but I have no idea where. As his mum I can also use staff travel and we will basically fly to wherever there are seats on the plane. I have an idea Dubai is on the list, but won’t be surprise if we end up somewhere in Europe or Vietnam

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