Knitting………???? :) :) :)

I do not enjoy knitting, I am not good at knitting…..but what do I do? I knit. I see a pattern I like and simply MUST knit. And everytime I start I remind myself how much I dislike it. And I drive myself crazy because I count every stitch, every row. And I have to concentrate

Young friends of ours are expecting their first baby, and it is a little girl. She will be arriving in November and I am going to make her a few smocked dresses, and smock little vests and embroider socks. But what do I do first? I knit 🙂

It took me this whole week to finish the little cardigan and I have to say I am quite proud now that it is done



SAL update

Not much needlework happened here, just a bit of crocheting for a throw blanket. But a lot of hard work has gone into the catio and we moved in this morning 🙂 Both cats (and the dog) tried it out and I think they are happy. I have been spending some time there this morning too

New scratch post

We are nearly finished with the catio and then the cats can start using it. A friend gave me two pieces of driftwood and I decided to turn one into a scratch post to put in the catio – we are going to attach a walkway to the scratch post to make sure it is sturdy and the cats can use it. I am happy with the new post

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Early morning drive and Blanket

An unexpected friend of a friend called last night to say he was in the town, on a visit from South Africa, and was given our number to call when he arrived here. Visits like this are always welcome as it is such a lovely way to catch up with news. As he was leaving again this afternoon we took him out to Punakaiki early this morning


I am not good with crochet and there is no way I can read a pattern, but I can follow YouTube videos. After looking for something to do in the evenings I found this lovely tutorial for a blanket. It is supposed to be for a baby blanket but I decided I’ll add more blocks, add a fleece backing and make it into a throw to use when it is cold. So far I have tried all four the different blocks but really struggled with the patterns of two of them – so I will be repeating blocks 1 and 3 until I have enough for a throw. Six blocks done and at least ten to go 🙂 The blocks are quite big, about 30cm x 30cm


Marathons and bone scans

What a weekend and Monday I had!!!!! My youngest son decided many years ago he would like to visit North Korea one day. I kept on telling him that it is a bad idea and thought he would listen to me. But no – in February he registered for a half-marathon, started to run and organised visas. Yes, started to run because he was never interested in running. I thought he was just joking. But last week and Thursday he flew to Beijing and Friday he flew to North Korea. To run the Pyongyong marathon on Sunday

I stressed about it the whole weekend, so much so that I had my first migraine for 2017. He couldn’t make contact with me from North Korea and kept on worrying about stuff…….Donald Trump, North Korea, detention camps, warships, missiles…….everything I could worry about

I also had an appointment for a full body bone scan on Monday. Early Monday morning we drove over to Christchurch (about 3 hours drive) for me to get the bone scan done at the hospital. Wasn’r really what I’ll call a’fun’ experience, it is actually quite stressful to know they are taking all these photos of your bones and worrying about what they would find

Well, Monday evening I heard from my son – he was safely back in China, on his way to Beijing and then home to Hong Kong. What a relief. He also completed the half-marathon and said it was amazing. Tuesday morning I heard that he was back in Hong Kong. Later the morning the oncologist called and said she had my results back – all clean with no sign of cancer in the bones. So all in all a good Tuesday 🙂

SAL update

Since the previous SAL update I have done NO needlework at all, as I left to visit my son in Hong Kong on that day. I came back on Wednesday and the jetlag has been quite bad (which is uncommon as I never really struggle with jetlag)

What a visit! What a holiday! I met my son in Sydney and flew to Hong Kong with him as the pilot. I was so proud!!!! The crew spoiled me and kept on telling me what a nice person he is. And offered me chocolate and coffee and kept on checking on me. He also came to visit to see if I am ok. Did I say I had to fly business class? Yep, they popped me in Business Class 🙂 After we landed the captain invited me to the cockpit and told me to sit in Jake’s seat – I simply had to try it out

We had a day in Hong Kong and then we were off to a mystery location. I was told (before going to Hong Kong, to pack summer clothes, but that is all I knew). He checked me in (with me having to stand out of earshot. He then took me right through security without telling me where we were going. I am not sure how he managed to take me through security by carrying my passport and boarding pass – I just followed. At the gates he made me walk from one gate to the other, teasing me with ‘is this where we are going?’. And then, just as they started to board we were at the gate which said ‘destination Yangon’. Yangon? I had no idea where it was!!!!!!! Only after carefully studying the maps and sipping orange juice, I realised we were on the way to Myanmar. How exciting! I always wanted to go there

Some years ago I helped a refugee family from Burma settle in here in New Zealand, and since that time I always wanted to visit Burma, and learn more about their circumstances and background.

We arrived quite late at night and the taxi ride was actually a bit scary and long. First we were stopped by police with guns, checking the car and the boot. And then we drove for a long time before getting to the hotel. I felt nervous, but luckily my son had Google Maps out and followed the route to the hotel

The next day I totally fell in love. Yangon is a modern city, but with the most beautiful temples and pagodas. And friendly people. We spent hours at the Shwedagon pagoda, and stayed there until it was dark. What a place

A couple of days later we made our way to Bagan. So different from Yangon. Here I was given my early birthday present – a sunrise balloon ride over the temples. It was wonderful!!!! Because we landed in the middle of the river (on sand) we also had a complimentary boat ride back to Bagan.

The rest of the time we explored Bagan by foot – walking from one pagoda to the next. Or taking a horse and cart

Back in Hong Kong we explored the city. My son live close to the longest outdoor escalators which I always wanted to see, but missed out on a previous trip to Hong Kong, as we stayed in Kowloon and didn’t visit Central. I ended up using them a few days every day (or walking next to them  because they were going in the wrong direction at that time). We went to the movies in 3-D (Beauty and the Beast), we went to Disneyland (some of his friends perform at the shows in Disneyland and took us in as their guests, which saved us the entry fees)

And then we took a ferry ride to Macau and spend the whole day there. With the highlight being the Dancing Waters show. It was breathtaking beautiful – it was simply wonderful.

Back in Hong Kong we decided I had to go home at some stage and we booked my flight for the next day. What a trip, what a privilege to meet his friends, fly with him, explore his neighbourhood and meeting some of his colleagues!!!!!!!!

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