Marathons and bone scans

What a weekend and Monday I had!!!!! My youngest son decided many years ago he would like to visit North Korea one day. I kept on telling him that it is a bad idea and thought he would listen to me. But no – in February he registered for a half-marathon, started to run and organised visas. Yes, started to run because he was never interested in running. I thought he was just joking. But last week and Thursday he flew to Beijing and Friday he flew to North Korea. To run the Pyongyong marathon on Sunday

I stressed about it the whole weekend, so much so that I had my first migraine for 2017. He couldn’t make contact with me from North Korea and kept on worrying about stuff…….Donald Trump, North Korea, detention camps, warships, missiles…….everything I could worry about

I also had an appointment for a full body bone scan on Monday. Early Monday morning we drove over to Christchurch (about 3 hours drive) for me to get the bone scan done at the hospital. Wasn’r really what I’ll call a’fun’ experience, it is actually quite stressful to know they are taking all these photos of your bones and worrying about what they would find

Well, Monday evening I heard from my son – he was safely back in China, on his way to Beijing and then home to Hong Kong. What a relief. He also completed the half-marathon and said it was amazing. Tuesday morning I heard that he was back in Hong Kong. Later the morning the oncologist called and said she had my results back – all clean with no sign of cancer in the bones. So all in all a good Tuesday 🙂


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