Early morning drive and Blanket

An unexpected friend of a friend called last night to say he was in the town, on a visit from South Africa, and was given our number to call when he arrived here. Visits like this are always welcome as it is such a lovely way to catch up with news. As he was leaving again this afternoon we took him out to Punakaiki early this morning


I am not good with crochet and there is no way I can read a pattern, but I can follow YouTube videos. After looking for something to do in the evenings I found this lovely tutorial for a blanket. It is supposed to be for a baby blanket but I decided I’ll add more blocks, add a fleece backing and make it into a throw to use when it is cold. So far I have tried all four the different blocks but really struggled with the patterns of two of them – so I will be repeating blocks 1 and 3 until I have enough for a throw. Six blocks done and at least ten to go 🙂 The blocks are quite big, about 30cm x 30cm



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