SAL update

Not much needlework happened here, just a bit of crocheting for a throw blanket. But a lot of hard work has gone into the catio and we moved in this morning 🙂 Both cats (and the dog) tried it out and I think they are happy. I have been spending some time there this morning too


13 thoughts on “SAL update”

    1. They only started using it yesterday, but I find myself slipping in there and sit with them, it is so nice to watch them enjoy the space. I think I’ll put some needlework there and just leave it in the catio for those times

  1. Oh my, those cats are in heaven! I wish we had a catio too! I like how there’s some people space in there too 🙂 We have a covered patio, but would like it turned into a screened in patio. Add some seating and cat trees, that would be nice!

  2. That looks amazing. I love that you’ve got space so you can enjoy being outside with the cats. We’re planning to have a table and chairs inside ours too but we’ve got a lot of work to do on it yet.

  3. Lucky kitties! With the right chair and accessories it could be a delightful spot to sit and stitch too! (or just to sit and enjoy the sun and the company!)

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