I have no idea how painkillers work. It is enough to know you can take a couple and your headache is gone. I also tend to put trust in doctors, simply because they are trained and know their jobs. But last week I started questioning decisions made by doctors. It seems as if the latest here in New Zealand is to ‘manage’ pain. And this concerns me as, in my humble opinion, it is only possible to manage pain AFTER you know what it is caused by

I have had problems with my back for many years, basically the little space between two discs are getting thinner and thinner. All these years I have managed the pain by using anti-inflammatory medication, as and when needed. And I think I have done a good job. I also learnt not to sit too long, or stand too long, or do anything too long and to ‘read’ my back – so much so that I haven’t needed anti-inflammatory pills for quite a few years. A job well done in my eyes!

But my back started playing up a few weeks ago and I asked a doctor (new at the clinic and the first time I met her) for a prescription for my normal anti-inflammatory pills. She listened while I talked, but when I received the prescription I realise she didn’t hear what I was saying. She wanted me to take two different type of painkillers every day. 2 of one every 4 hours and 2 of the other each morning. She gave me enough for a month

I questioned it and said that if I take the anti-inflammatory pill for a couple of days my back normally settle and that is it – a couple of pills and I feel better; instead of the tons she wanted me to take the next month

I don’t understand – if there is inflammation in my back isn’t it better to treat the inflammation instead of covering up the root of the problem by ‘hiding’ it because the pain is treated. But not the inflammation? I know the pills are hard on my stomach, but what about painkillers? Are heaps of those ok for my stomach?

And by managing the pain instead of digging deeper to sort the problem – is that not going to cause bigger health issues because something is not diagnosed? You have no pain and therefore you don’t have an issue??????

I won’t be going back to her again


4 thoughts on “Painkillers”

  1. I totally agree. I suffered long months with back pain last year. While waiting for tests to find out the cause, doctor just kept offering various painkillers (none of which took the edge off). When results came, turned out I had a double discal hernia, so have been taking anti-inflams, but not painkillers.

  2. Hi Susan, Sorry you are going through this back pain. Did you call her back asking for the anti-inflammatory pills? I agree, a different doctor for next time but maybe you can get the meds you need now that you have already met with her. Hope you get to feeling better!

    1. Hi Christina, I am a bit stubborn and did get the anti-inflammatory pills 😄 And as usual it only took a couple and my back is fine again. But it was really funny when my husband came back from the chemist with the pills – there was a huge box with 1000 painkillers, because the doctor was stubborn too and left it in the prescription when she added the anti-inflammatories. I’ll never have to buy painkillers again, I have enough for the whole neighbourhood 😄

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