Surgery on Monday

After the bone scan I had in April, which came out clean with no sign of cancer, my oncologist wanted me to go for an ultrasound and blood tests as they did see something on my right ovary. I went for the ultra-sound last week and yes, there were three suspicious looking growths on the right ovary

While waiting for the final results I made an appointment with the GP for a few days later, to discuss the results. But I also came home and started reading a bit about ovarian cancer. Yes, I know we are always warned to stay away from the internet for health issues, but Mr Google is my friend and there is a lot of good, trustworthy stuff up there. One thing I read is that it is better to have a gynaecological oncologist do the investigative surgery, instead of a normal gynaecologist as the this improves the survival rate – they know what to look for

I looked for gynaecological oncologists closest to me and was pleasantly surprised to see the gyno who did my partial hysterectomy in 2009 was a gynaecological oncologist!!!!!! So I immediately called and ask if I could see him and was very happy to get appointment for Monday (this past Monday). I thought I could always cancel if the results look ok

Long story short – I saw the GP and the cysts were definitely not cysts, but solid growths, possibly cancer

Saw the gynaecological oncologist this week and he immediately came with a plan of action. I am booked in for the operation this coming Monday (I am so grateful that when the C-word is used that everything happens a bit quicker than surgery for other aches and pains). He is going to start off with keyhole surgery to remove the ovaries and growths, send it off to be tested while I am still under, and if the test comes back positive will then immediately proceed with open surgery and remove whatever needs to be removed – which includes lump glands near the spine, the fatty layer which covers the organs and anything else necessary to be removed. But he has also referred me for blood work, which includes a test which can be used to detect ovarian cancer. If this comes back with high levels he will skip the keyhole surgery and start with open surgery

[I was referred for a blood test when the ultra sound was organised, but the young doctor messed up when she requested the test and asked for the wrong one. She had me tested for bowel cancer – which I seem not to have. But after my fun experience with this young doctor to get some anti-inflammatories for my back I had no desire to ask her for a referral for the correct blood test]

We won’t know for sure what is going on until during/after surgery, but all the reports so far indicate they suspect it is ovarian cancer. My gut feeling is also that it is

Now that I know the growths are there I am more conscious of the symptoms of ovarian cancer: the bloating (yes), more trips to the toilet (yes), constipation (yes), pain in the lower back/side (yes, I have this dull pain on a regular basis. I remember googling to find out what sits there in my body). Did I ever speak to a GP about this? No, because it never felt serious enough and as I went through breast cancer and radiation and the dreadful Letrezole last year I simply blamed these symptoms on the fact that my body is a mess and busy recovery, and that these will go away as I get my health back

Whatever the outcome of my surgery, I will be nagging and pestering and do anything I can to get the message to women – don’t be too strong, too busy with everyone else, take yourself off to the doctor when you have these symptoms so that ovarian cancer can be detected EARLY! Because I had these symptoms and I also know that, in the back of my mind, the alarm bells went off – but because of the breast cancer journey I was on I just didn’t want to bring up stuff like bloating/constipation/dull pain with my doctors, it all seemed like too simple, too silly to discuss after going through cancer

So yes, Monday is the big day. And the start of a new journey. I do love travelling and going on adventures, but I do prefer the kind where you have to board a plane


5 thoughts on “Surgery on Monday”

  1. It sounds like you have a good doctor looking after you. I always think it makes a lot of difference if you have confidence in them.
    I’ll be thinking about you on Monday. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing you back in blogland soon x

  2. We are all cheering you on and keeping fingers crossed etc for a speedy and full recovery. We shall all miss you on Sal Sunday, I am sure. I hope you will be back with us soon. Sending healing hugs, Helen x

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