Birthday celebrations

Two of my three children live in other countries, one in Hong Kong and the other in Canada, and we do not get the opportunity to celebrate special occasions together. When my daughter, who lives in Canada, said she’ll be here in New Zealand for her birthday I decided we will celebrate all the birthdays in one go (although I am sad to say my son, who lives in Hong Kong, couldn’t join us).

To celebrate all the birthdays I thought we should have a cake which will represent all of us, and I found a lovely lady close-by who baked and decorated the special cake


First of all my two cats, Bella and Mollie, had to be on the cake – a Birman and a Ragdoll, one with white paws and the other with black paws. My husband’s Toy Pomeranian, Filistyn, also had to be there.

My daughter and her partner also have two cats, Hollie and Baby Boosh, who had to be there; as well as a blind dog called Buddy. So the animals represented me and my husband, my daughter and her partner

My eldest son is a Real Estate Agent and I asked for a house and a For Sale sign to represent him; and an aeroplane to represent my youngest who is a Pilot

We were all very happy with the cake and it was a lovely day. We also made sure to prepare all the favourite dishes. It was quite a spread and a day to remember for a long time



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