Jelly Roll quilt

We dropped our daughter and her partner off at the airport just after 4 am this morning. It took a while for them to get checked in as they were unlucky to meet quite a nasty young man checking them in. Although the Qantas website says they are allowed two check-in bags each, at 23 kg each (but not one more than 32 kg) – he made them repack their bags and said one bag cannot be more than 22 kg. Two of the bags were 22.5 and the third 23. Instead of 4 bags between them, they had three. Was it really necessary to get them to repack the bags? Seems like it, yes. And when my daughter’s partner frowned, the check-in guy said ‘yes sweetheart, you have to repack’. That was not the right thing to say and I was really angry when they told me. As a professional you do not call a passenger ‘sweetheart’. But anyways, we quickly moved some baggage to my daughter’s carry-on bag, after deciding she’ll check it in as well……..and back into the line. They ended up with another young man, next to the nasty one. And this nasty one was quick to tell this guy that they had to repack their bags and to make sure to weigh their carry on bags too. As I say……….NASTY! The second young man served them with a smile, ignored the instructions to weigh their carry-on’s (although it would have been ok) and was really friendly. He made the whole experience pleasant again

We said our good buys at customs just after 5, went back to our accommodation with the plan to get some sleep before travelling back home. We decided to pack, clean and drive back immediately. Maybe not the best decision as it is a three-hour drive in the dark (at that time of the morning) and through snow and icy roads. But we made it back safe and sound, although it took 4 hours instead of the normal 3. Back at home we went straight to bed to sleep 🙂

When I woke up I decided I felt like needlework and started working on a jelly roll quilt I have been thinking on for quite a while. A few hours later and the strips are all sewed together – ready to add some appliqué. I will do this by hand as soon as I get my printer sorted to print the templates

Here is my progress so far:



3 thoughts on “Jelly Roll quilt”

  1. Airports are the pits anymore! I’ve not had trouble but DH won’t fly anywhere anymore. Are going to continue the black and white theme on this quilt for add color when you applique? It will be quite striking either way!

  2. What an awful experience at the airport! I’m glad everyone got home safely and I love the black/white design of this quilt!! 😀

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