Scavenge Challenge

I enjoy photography, although i am a total amateur. In the past I participated in the Scavenge Challenge and several other photography challenges, just for the fun of it, but this was something that was put on hold the last couple of years. This month I decided it is time to pick up the camera again on a regular basis and to participate in at least one of the challenges – and as this was my favourite the choice was easy

This month I finished very early. The assignment was:

“My Favourite Things.” Requirements are as follows, and your collage of 9-16 images should include one example of each.

1) Place (building, beach, park, yard, etc. – i.e., a wide view)
2) Nature (plant, bird, critter – i.e., a close view, but not necessarily a macro)
3) Food
4) Colour
5) Activity (hobby, game, exercise, etc.)

Here is my July collage:



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