After pleating the fabric for the little dresses yesterday I immediately started the smocking on the first dress. I don’t think people realise how quick and easy smocking is. The most difficult part for me is to prepare the fabric by pleating it

This one has been smocked, but I now have to block it and cut out the armholes and neck line, as this little dress won’t get a yoke but is he whole front bodice. I normally block it (by steaming the smocking) when I am ready to sew the dress, so this will have to wait until I have smocked the others

I used very light pink and purple for the smocking, and then pick the darker colours on the fabric for the little flowers



Full smocking mode

I haven’t smocked this year and suddenly just feel like it. Some weeks ago I bought lovely pieces o fabric for dresses and I went into full smocking mode today – sorting out the sizes, smocking, colours, patterns. And spent the whole afternoon pleating six pieces of fabric. All went well until the second last piece of fabric. I thought I’ll do that one quickly as it is a lovely soft fabric, thought it will slip through the pleater. Well no, I was wrong, it was very difficult to feed it through the needles and I ended up breaking seven needles – which, at about $1 each, became quite expensive. Luckily the last piece pleated like a dream

With all six pieces pleated I can now smock as and when I want to. I normally smock quite a few and then make the dresses when I need one as a present


Scavenge Challenge

The challenge this month was Chocolate! I loved having an excuse to buy chocolate

CHOCOLATE! It can be in any form: chocolate bars, cookies, milk or whatever, but your image must feature chocolate (“feature” as in “have it be the main subject of the photo,” NOT “have a little piece of chocolate over there in the corner of a picture of your pet”). Photo collage must include one or more of each of the following, 9-16 images total:

1) Chocolate bar imprinted with brand name
2) More than one type of chocolate product in the same image
3) A “fill-the-frame” shot
4) Chocolate in black-and-white or other monochrome

SC August 2017

Tuesday already!

Sewing and needlework has been slow this past week as my son, who lives in Hong Kong, came for a quick visit. It was wonderful to have him here. We didn’t do much, just relaxed and did some sightseeing. I worked on the crochet baby blanket and is making good progress with it. About 18 rows left and then 3 rows for the border

I took him back to Christchurch Sunday so that he could catch a flight home on Sunday. I love having my children home

When I arrived home yesterday I was quite tired, it is a long drive over the Southern Alps and you have to concentrate even more than on a normal road. It was also snowing lightly when I came over the mountain. So instead of being active I sat down and started to crochet the bodice of a little dress I wanted to make. It wen very fast and this morning I completed the dress. It is lovely