Floats and hospitals

My son had to undergo knee surgery so I drove over to be with him and support him (with his favourite meals frozen and ready when he felt like it). According to the scans he had some broken pieces of bone moving around in the knee, causing terrible swelling, inflammation and pain. But the surgery was not successful as they couldn’t find the pieces of bone and ended up draining the inflammation. At this stage, a week later, the knee is still very swollen but he is mobile, although it is very sore

With all the waiting at hospital – before, during, after surgery I did heaps of smocking and the end result is two pretty little dresses


I have also started with a scarf for the winter next year – we are currently moving into summer. But it is something to keep me busy when watching tv in the evenings. The pattern looks like cats to me, I hope others can see it too 🙂


We have also felt like the old-fashioned floats (soda and ice-cream) and is trying out different flavours. So far we’ve had coke, raspberry and lime. I think my favourite is still coke


A new arrival!

I new little baby girl has been welcomed into our extended family. Little princess Evie made her arrival a little ahead of time, but she is here and she is perfect. I haven’t met her yet, but daily photos are keeping me up to date

The best part is that I am now making dresses with her in mind. Next week my son will deliver a parcel full of homemade dresses and jackets and hats and booties and blankets, when he travels to Sydney to meet this little girl

This week I smocked three little shop-bought vests and made her a little dress, as well as a romper (the green smocking in the vest looks a bit wonky in this photo, but I am not sure why because it is actually straight)

IMG_2329 (1)

Yesterday and today I spent in the sewing room, making a little outfit for a six-year old. I am pretty happy with it. The beads came from an old necklace my daughter had, we actually found it in the garage a couple of weeks ago. I am sure she won’t mind that I used some of the beads for the top and pants (not that I am planning to tell her, of course)

IMG_2336 (1)IMG_2335 (1)

This week I also sold one of the smocked dresses. The first one ever. And the last……..I did not enjoy the experience at all. I always said I do smocking because I love it and will never sell it, I prefer giving it away. After selling one I am never going to again and will continue giving it to whoever I want to. The positive side of the whole experience is that the lady who bought it (as a present for her brother’s daughter) is delighted and loves it. It was the butterfly dress I made a while ago


Dolls clothes

I have quite a lot of off-cuts which cannot be used for dresses, not even for a baby, and decided to use some of it by making clothes for an 18″ doll, similar to the American Dolls. I am actually hoping to make more and then sell it (not sure how that will work as I have never sold anything I’ve made). Because I am planning to sell the clothes I took extra care to work very neat and tidy, which also meant I used the iron more than when I make dresses for little girls

It is funny that it took me forever to make the little bow for the polka dot/striped dress 🙂


September Scavenger challenge

The September challenge was all about fruit and vegetables, which should have been easy for photos. But my camera decided not to do its part and I have been struggling to get usable photos, or photos good enough for a challenge. I first thought it was the lens, but the camera played up with different lenses – it seems as if it is getting stuck and not focussing. I love macro photography but even that didn’t work well.

The challenge:

In September, we’re going to explore vegetables and fruits! This will also give you some practice in the creation of classic still lifes, so please devote some of your efforts to making pleasing arrangements of them while incorporating objects such as vases, books, candlesticks and the like into your images. Bear in mind that this is not mandatory EXCEPT AS SPECIFIED in the requirements below.

Your fruit/vegetable collage should include 9-16 images. Requirements may be doubled up (i.e., you could have a black-and-white classic still life), but each requirement must be represented in the collage. September’s fruit/veg selection must contain:

1) Black-and-white image
2) Classic still life (think of the French/Dutch painters who arranged fruits with vases, pottery, books, candlesticks, etc. and try to imitate them)
3) A fruit sliced in half on its length (e.g., a pear or an orange cut in two)
4) A salad (fruit or veg)
5) An image taken in portrait orientation

My collage: