2018 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Here in NZ we are 22 minutes into 2018. For those of you who are planning to stay awake for 2018 – don’t bother, everything is still the same 🙂

Like a good retired person I am in bed. But I am cheating a little bit as the drapes are open and I can see the fireworks on the beach. What a way to start 2018!

May 2018 be good to all of us, all over the world. May there be peace and happiness, full tummies and warm beds. May 2018 be a miracle year and bring good changes all over the worldOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


New Year’s resolutions……..not!

I am not really into the whole New Year’s resolution thing. Throughout the year I always think of a lot of things I want to change or do, or just do differently, and then put it off until ‘next year’. Luckily when the new year arrive I have forgotten most of those things

This year I want it to be different. I want to set some goals for 2018, just to give the year some structure and something to work on. No, I don’t want to lose weight – yes, I know I should. But I love chocolates


  • Have a market stall at least once. Sell dolls clothes
  • Weekly cleaning plan so that I don’t have to go in overdrive during weekends and clean like crazy. Do it ‘gently’
  • Finish the few sewing things that is half-done, or so close to being finished
  • Improve my photography skills and participate in the Dogwood 2018 challenge. I joined the FB group and already planned the photo for week 1. But this is going to be hard as I have serious commitment problems
  • Smocking – yes, yes, yes!
  • Join the Rotary club. A friend, who is a member, invited me. I think I want to do this as I will meet new people, do some voluntary work. And get out of the house at least once a week. (Which is actually huge for me as I am a real home-body/hermit and can easily just stay home every single day)
  • Finish this 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle I started a few days ago (a present from my youngest). It is very, very difficult and at the rate I am building at the moment it is going to take the whole year. I find myself staring at the pieces for hours at a time, hoping the one I want will just catch my eye. It doesn’t work that way……but I still stare
  • Brush the cats on a more regular basis. They love it, and they love it when I spend time with them in the catio
  • Ride my bike more than 3 times in 2018. Easy target? As if. I was so motivated this year but find excuses without much thinking
  • Travel. This year I want to visit my daughter in Canada for a few weeks, and explore during the week when she is at work. Also visit my son in Hong Kong again, or meet him somewhere I haven’t been yet
  • Seriously plan the trip to Antarctica – I dream of visiting Antarctica and have been dreaming about this for a long time
  • Research sleeping and try to find a way to sleep better. Not write a blog post at 3:18 am or buy fabric online
  • Buy less fabric, use what I have!!!!!!
  • Enjoy life, be grateful, have fun. Stop being so serious about everything. Stop being upset when the kids do not reply to my txt messages, although I know they are glued to their phones 24/7
  • Do the Autumn colours trip here in New Zealand which I have been planning for years, but every year something happen and I don’t do it. [2017 – sick. 2016 – sick. 2015 – Canada. 2014 – India. 2013 – plan to do Autumn colours trip to the south in 2014]



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my blog friends.
I love reading
your blogs and about
your daily lives,
your needlework, sewing, knitting,
photography and other hobbies.
Have wonderful day and may it be full of joy and friends and family

Christmas is always a special time, but it can be a sad time too – with two of my children out of the country. But I am thankful that my eldest still lives in NZ and came home or Christmas. I love having him here. And with the technology we have today it is much easier to be connected all the time. Just imagine how hard it would have been many years ago

We will have a cooked Christmas meal, either lunch or dinner. It really depends what time I am finished cooking. Although it is quite hot here it will be the normal roast beef and roast chicken, with a selection of vegetables and yummy desserts. And lots of leftovers for a few days

This is the first Christmas where I managed to have a (standing) Christmas tree. The cats collect an ornament or two every now and then, but otherwise leaving the tree alone; not knocking it over. Thank you lovely Claire, for the little heart to hang on the tree – it is the perfect colour for me tree and I love it. This is not a good photo as I took it too close to the tree, but it looks beautiful. I count my blessings for friends I have never met, and those I know in every day life, ornaments like these mean so much. While I am writing this I am looking at the Christmas tree and these home-made ornaments fill my heart. Thank you!!!!!!


My daughter is with her partner in Canada. Tonight they had an orphans-Christmas meal where a group of them celebrated Christmas without their families. My son will be celebrating Christmas in San Fransisco, he is the pilot flying there tonight. (Deep in my heart I am a bit concerned after the news about someone arrested who planned a terrorist attack in San Fransisco for Christmas day. Apparently it is very close to the hotel where the crew are booked in. I pray all will be well)

Shock, horror………no second email address

After a year of refreshment leave I have resigned and basically retired. Since then I have not been using the ‘retired’ word freely – I feel too young; it also feels impossible after working my whole life (except when the kids were small)

As an older woman I have been feeling ‘invisible’ for quite a few years now, as if I am wearing Harry Potters invisible cloak. In a group of people the older female is often the last to be acknowledged, and it is not a myth……it is real

Being a ‘retired’ older woman makes me even more invisible, if that is possible. Therefore I don’t want to be retired. I just want to be temporarily unemployed

During this year I have been checking my school emails every now and then, not using it, just to feel part of the team. And then on Tuesday I could no longer access my email account. It made me feel unwanted, useless, invisible……..no longer part of a team. I don’t like it

Yes, I love the freedom in my daily life, choosing what I want to do every day. But I feel a bit empty with only one email account 😦

I am going to………..

I am not going to make any more dresses before Christmas. I have to finish my marking and I have to clean this house, wash curtains, wash carpets, bake sausage rolls and other bits and pieces for the freezer for Christmas

As a matter of fact, I am not going to buy any more fabric until I have used everything I have – well, that was the idea. I only remembered $200 later………



Bec Williams fabric

I ordered the most beautiful fabric from an Australian designer, Bec Williams. At first I thought I’ll never be able to use it as it is so beautiful.


But after washing it I just couldn’t resist any longer and I made the first dress. I smocked and embroidered the insert in the bodice, but kept it very simple as I want the fabric to be the hero


border dress

I still have two other designs of her fabric for two more dresses, and also ordered another one with kittens in the border. These will be saved for special little girls and special little dresses. To be honest I think the fabric of the one I made today will be perfect for flower girls or bridesmaids