Dress request

I love it when my children ask me to make dresses for pregnant friends and workmates. My eldest son asked for a teal dress for a girl who works with him. She expects a little girl in a couple of weeks. I finished the whole set today and will be sending it to him by courier. Hope he is happy and I hope the new mum likes the dress


The market stall is happening this coming Sunday. I plan to embroider some dish towels tomorrow and then I am done for the stall. Just have to put a prize on everything and make sure everything looks neat and tidy. Knowing myself I should just skip the pricing bit……..I am not good at selling stuff


7 thoughts on “Dress request”

      1. Well, if you have price tags on the items, then you don’t need to hard selling the item… if they like they buy it – knowing what the price is already.
        I personally find it easier as a buyer (and seller) than having to ask what something costs, as sometimes it’s a bit embarrassing and one feels then obliged to either buy or found an excuse not to…. it’s an awkward moment 😉

        Otherwise, I found helpful to put an A4 sign by the items, rather than price each single one – that is, if the item can have a range of prices. For example, I had all antique cards for price X, some handmade boxes for price Y, etc.

        You could even have a backup price sign, in case you wanted to reduce the price later, i.e. “Dresses priceX, now -15%” or “Dresses price 50, 2 for 85” etc

  1. I reckon you need to visit an on-line store like etsy, and see how much people are asking for similar handmade items. I agree with Judith that it will appear more Professional if you write price tags that way you’ll avoid people trying to haggle.
    If you see, by lunch time, that things haven’t sold very well, you could, indeed, do a 10% off in the afternoon.

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