Here we go again …….cyclone watch

Cyclone Gita is on the way to New Zealand – and heading straight for the West Coast where we live. We had a terrible storm some weeks ago and it is said that this one will be much worse, with very strong wind and lots of rain

Of course my main concern is my cats and the dog. I have made sure to buy enough food for them, as well as putting water everywhere as all three drink quite a lot. I have also packed a backpack with emergency supplies for them, and their carriers are ready with their harnesses and leashes if we have to evacuate. I am sorry, there is no way I will leave without the animals

For the humans in the house I also have the emergency supplies close-by and made sure we have packed bags, with important documents and cash available. Torches, candles and so on are on stand by. All loose items outside have been secured or put away, the cars have petrol. Windows have been secured

Are we ready? I don’t think you can ever be really prepared for such a storm, but we have done what we could. It is now a waiting game, the next few days are going to be wild and stormy


3 thoughts on “Here we go again …….cyclone watch”

  1. oh no! I hope you can just batten down the hatches and stay safely indoors while it passes, and that evacuation won’t become a necessity! Stay safe!

  2. Oh my, that’s terrible – take care and hopefully you will come through without any serious troubles. And don’t worry too much – animals usually have a great instinct on finding a save place – better than we humans have I would say. Wishing you the best and sending my prayers to you!

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