Cyclone Gita dress

When I heard the first warning about Cyclone Gita I mentally made a list of things I had to do:

  • emergency supplies
  • kit for the animals if we have to evacuate
  • pack a bag
  • charge phones and iPads
  • water
  • food supplies
  • secure everything
  • prepare bedrooms just in case we have to make room for people evacuated from their homes (when we lived in SA the town was snowed in one winter and my husband brought 3 random families home who needed a warm bed)

But I also wondered about the house:

  • should I clean? If we get storm damage random people will have to do things in the house and I wouldn’t want them to go home and tell their families and friends how untidy I am
  • will cleaning be a waste of time? If we do have storm damage the house is going to be a mess anyway…….so why waste time to clean it

Also had other random, selfish thoughts:

  • do I have enough books on my iPad
  • do I even have a normal, physical book to read if I cannot charge my iPad
  • is there enough chocolate in the house
  • where is the best place to hide if the wind is strong, or not to hear the thunder – I am soooo scared of thunder it is not even funny

So what did I do during the storm? I smocked! I call this my Cyclone Gita dress